Terms & Conditions


  1. All communications pertaining to bookings, reservations, deposits, etc. should be made in writing by mail, fax or e-mail.
  2. Reservations should be made at least twenty-one (21) days before arrival date especially on peak season.
  3. Effectivity of reservation is from arrival date to 12 noon of departure date.
  4. The Resort may allow late checkout until 2:00 PM provided there is prior arrangement and rooms are available.
  5. The Resort shall impose a half-day charge to guests staying beyond 2:00 PM and a whole day charge beyond 6:00 PM.


  1. A written confirmation shall be required on all reservations twenty-one (21) days prior to the date of arrival.
  2. If the Resort does not receive a written confirmation within the specified lead-time, the entire room blocking shall be released.
  3. Final rooming list must be submitted at least seven (7) days before the date of arrival.


  1. For individual reservations, a deposit equivalent to room charges for one night stay shall be imposed during closed-out dates to ensure guaranteed reservations. Individual reservation is composed of one (1) to nine (9) rooms.
  2. For group reservations, a deposit equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of the total room charges shall be required fifteen (15) days before arrival 1. date. Group reservation is composed of ten (10) rooms or more.
  3. Deposits and payments for out-of-town agencies can be facilitated via inter-branch bank deposit. For immediate credit to the
  4. payee’s account, a clear fax of the deposit slip addressed to Cebu Marine Sales & Reservations Department would be appreciated.
  5. A service voucher or a copy of the booking order shall be required upon check-in unless there is a credit agreement.
  6. The Resort reserves the right to release all confirmed bookings for non-payment of required deposit and other due accounts.


  1. Written cancellation or revisions shall be allowed at least seven (7) days before arrival.
  2. Fifty percent (50%) of the room charge based on the number of rooms used beyond the lead-time shall be imposed on all group reservations. 1. Cancellations of the entire group reservation beyond the lead-time would mean forfeiture of the deposit.
  3. A surcharge equivalent to the room charges for one (1) night stay, shall be imposed on all cancellations and reductions on
  4. all individual reservations, i.e. one (1) to nine (9) rooms, made beyond the lead time.


  1. If the guest or group fails to arrive on the expected date, the fifty percent (50%) deposit shall be forfeited in all group reservations
  2. and a surcharge equivalent to the total room charges for one night stay shall be imposed on all individual reservations.
  3. The entire room reservation shall be automatically canceled.


  1. All information contained herein is private and confidential and should not be disclosed to any third party for any reason or purpose.
  2. Cebu Marine Beach Resort shall not be held liable for not fulfilling above terms and conditions due to natural calamities, force majeure,
  3. and other circumstances beyond control.